Displacement piles

With the help of vibro hammer a steel pipe is advanced into the ground with the bottom of it being left in the ground. After the pipe reaches the required depth, a reinforcement cage is lowered into the pipe which is filled with concrete, afterwards using the vibro hammer the...

(LT) Spraudai – įlaidinės plastiko membranos

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(LT) CFA grąžtai

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(LT) Mikropoliai


Įrenginėjame mikropolius . Mikropoliai ypatingai naudojami ten, kur vyksta senovinių kultūrinių statinių rekonstrukcija dėl apkrovų į pamatus padidėjimo, sėdimo ar reikalingas esamo pagrindo suardymas.  Mikropolių skersmuo siekia 300mm, o ilgis iki 50 metrų.  Dėka specialios įrangos galime įrengti mikropolius ne tik lauko sąlygomis bet ir mažo aukščio ( iki 1.5 metro aukščio) patalpose. 

Drilling piles

To install these piles few different methods are applied. Our company uses KELLY and CFA methods for the drilling piles installation. KELLY METHOD Using this method for the piles installation the drilling machines are used, in which the so-called KELLY equipment is mounted, consisting of a Kelly bar and a...

Piling walls

Piling walls are installed out of steel or plastic planks, when the installation of the temporary or permanent wall is needed, for example, in order to protect the site from the ground water, landslides, etc. For the installation of the piling walls vibro hammers are used, which are mounted on...


Anchors are installed in order to keep the bearing walls stable, in case the ground pressure exceeds the allowed loading of the bearing walls. Anchors are normally installed by the drilling of a steel anchor (a bar or a pipe) through the bearing wall at an angle and at a...

(LT) Atlikti darbai

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